Vogue's 73 Questions with Blake Lively

Vogue's 73 Questions with Blake Lively

No later than a minute after spending ages not being able to update my Youtube account rechecking my Youtube subscription was I able to discover in one of my subscriptions that Vogue has this amusing segment on their account called "73 Questions" featuring various actors, and singers. They were able to pull of something amusing to look at and feel sorry about for not having a cool and amazing life like they have like the current post on Gossip Girl's very own, Blake Lively. Check the video below and be tempted to look at the other segments they have for other artists like Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe, SATC's Sarah Jessica Parker, and fashion's very own Donatella Versace. 

What do you think on this move by Vogue? Yay or Neigh? Send me your thougths on the comment section below.



The funniest man alive rests in peace.

The funniest man alive rests in peace.

My heart breaks to see another star go. The entertainment industry has truly lost someone who is not only one of the best comedic actors of this generation but also the kindest soul that was able to touch many people's lives through his works. May your soul rest in peace Sir Robin Williams! Thank you for putting a smile on my/our face/s all these years! You will be sorely missed. 

photo credits: clowntownforkidz


Of Melancholic Fashionable Updates

Of Melancholic Fashionable Updates

So I have been out for quite some time now, and I do owe you guys an apology. I've been so busy with so many things regarding my personal life that I have almost forgotten about having a fashion blog. 

I've been reading some of my posts from God knows when and I can't help but notice that my views about life and fashion has changed dramatically. I started this blog last 2008 with a heart full of eagerness to write about Alexander McQueen (God bless his soul) and all things that I consider fashionable. 

Back then, my interests zoomed in on anything that is weird looking or anything out of the ordinary. I rejoice for the works of Rei Kawakubo (Commes des Garcons) and Alexander McQueen, as I have always viewed their works as a breath of fresh air to the fashion industry. I have also enjoyed filling in contents of this blog with hot male models that I still continue to cherish to this day (Yes of course, my taste for men is the only thing that hasn't change din the last 5 years) Waddup?

I continue to stalk these hot men enjoyed getting updates from my favorite male models of the fashion industry, namely, Francisco Lachowski, Marlon Teixeira and my forever love, Ash Stymest. Back then English punk models were slamming the runways head on and Brazillian models were slowly making their way to the top.

I was obsessed over two things as well..

Not because I am a fashion monger but because I have always admired at how I conic this woman is. I have always dreamt of working in and for Vogue. I have always imagined how people dressed for the day, how they make the magazine, and how Anna Wintour has always kept her hair, well, tangle-free!

Then these two came out!

Words cannot describe how much I have loved the movie and the documentary! It gave me a glimpse on how the fashion industry worked, how a fashion magazine company runs, and how much money is involved for them to change a shoot just because of a lousy jacket. That's All!

When all the teens my age enjoyed Facebook, Myspace, and all the other social media platforms available at that time, I have enjoyed myself a million hours of 'me' time watching The Devil Wears Prada on DVD and downloading The September Issue online. RIP to the replay button back then, it died.

Also, what fashion blog could be complete without the annual update of the Victoria's Secret Fashion show!

As a representative of the fembot's district, it would be hard not to love the 2007 Victoria's Secret event? Not only were my eyes blinded by Heidi's sudden dropping of that A-mazing (and super heavy) silver snowflake but it was the year that my hope went up because of The Spice Girls reunion. OMG! Someone give me my childhood back please!

So yeah, that's pretty much all the sparkly things that inspired me so much to write about fashion and be a fashion blogger. 

So why the long hiatus?

I got tired. 

Not of blogging but of things that were going on in the fashion industry and all the other fashion blogs I have been following. I found out that not all fashionists are cut out to be fashion bloggers. I've seen a lot of fashion bloggers come and go, some one-hit wonders that were unable to follow up on the 15 minutes of fame that were given to them (I myself included). Some of them became my friends and I literally saw life drain them out of their glittery dispositions. So there, a few years after those observations and I too found myself caught up in the web of reality. 

Gone were the days where all I worry about is writing new articles later to be schedule posted. My blog was born when I was a Senior in high school; which means that I had so much time back then. Now that I have already finished university, I have outgrown my blog already. Consider me now a tax-paying, law-abiding citizen. Waddup?

So there my loves, forgive me for not being able to update you guys always. I may be very busy but that doesn't mean that I have already lost my spark. The fashionista in me still lives on! And this site is about to get a revamp of its own!

Well? How have you been? Would love to hear from you!
Can't wait to see you in my next post!



Your Wedding Pictures Requests the Best Version of Yourself

Your Wedding Pictures Requests the Best Version of Yourself

How do you picture your wedding?

This considerably is a tough question because the act of celebrating matrimony alone has so many aspects to it that one cannot immediately paint a picture in the clouds with all the detailed intricacies. You also still need to find a place, a dress, a band, a photographer and many other rough details that's considered vital in organizing such event. Not only that, if you want your wedding to be perfect (you obviously do), you'll soon realize that planning the event is much challenging than staging it.

With that being said, celebrating special occasions such as weddings would not be complete without a good wedding photographer. Event organizer's couldn't stress enough the importance of a wedding photographer; a good wedding photographer. Why? Because we are all guilty of taking selfies everyday and it is absolutely important that the photographer hired must know how to take great angles and must know how to play and use natural and artificial lighting to an advantage.

It's okay to be quite picky when dealing with your pictures and how you want to be taken. Photographs are important because other than our memories it is one of the very few known devices that knows how to capture a moment; to be preserved in time.

With that being said, a few days ago, while I was busy surfing the net about wedding photography sets on islands and beaches, I came across Treasure Island wedding photos and the many photos it took for couples wanting to get married in the sandy beaches of Maldives. I could not help but ogle on the screen of this computer like a kid salivating outside a candy store.  All of them, the islands, the weddings and the photographs are just absolutely gorgeous.

A quick tip for all my hopeless-romantic readers:
If, on your wedding day, you plan on having your picture taken wearing a white dress while kissing your groom in front of the camera on Treasure Island, do it early in the morning or late in the afternoon. You'll yield a wonderful photograph of a couple kissing with a background that of San Francisco's skyline. It's like having the sky celebrating with  you on your wedding day.

Though it's the job of a wedding photographer to provide you with amazing pictures of the  most memorable event of your life, you must also be comfortable enough to exude confidence.

Confidence means a lot for a bride who wants to have the best wedding pictures. Besides looking good and having an amazing party going on with a San Francisco view, you should embrace the camera and look straight into it like you are some Victoria’s Secret Angel. Needless to say, you go own it girl! The groom also has to be in his best Brad Pitt or Jason Statham shape, so you guys create the sexiest and loveliest wedding portraits for your wedding album. Allow the camera to capture the chemistry you and your hubby have.

Soon in life when you have achieved what you have set for yourself and you wish to venture into the realm of marriage and living happily ever after, always remember that when having your photograph taken on this special day, it is, to an extent nice to have photos that spill class and sophistication but you must also have photos that capture the whole embodiment of your love for one another.

If this is achieved, you get to spend the whole day happy and in love. Because of this, you also get to show the world and  your guests the best version of yourself encapsulated in time.

Photo Credits: Vogue / Mario Testino


V Magazine Featuring Lady Gaga for their Fall 2013, September Issue

V Magazine Featuring Lady Gaga for their Fall 2013, September Issue

Once again the pop icon is gracing her way on to fashion magazines to make a comeback. Feast your eyes on Lady Gaga as she graces the cover of V Magazine for their Fall 2013, September issue. 

Lady Gaga is back with a bang alright. Kudos to Inez & Vinoodh for this wonderful shots. I'm not sure who the stylist is on this issue of V Magazine but Lady Gaga is wearing pieces from designer brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani. Shall we?

Seriously? What is Lady Gaga without a hint of nudity right? Pardon the nsfw photos but it's Lady Gaga we are talking about here. 

Well? Don't you just love Lady Gaga and the things she is able to pull-off? She's like a magician with a magic hat to me.

Tell me whatchathink?

Photo Credits: V Magazine/Fashionising


Vogue Paris Featuring Saskia de Brauw in YSL for September 2013

Vogue Paris Featuring Saskia de Brauw in YSL for September 2013

This model is my newest eye-candy nowadays. Ladies and fembots, feast your eyes on top model Saskia de Brauw as she gets featured in Vogue Paris for their September 2013 issue. Before you go into asking all these ridiculous questions, NO I am not flipping to the other side, NO we are not close but i wish for us to be, and YES she is legit. Top Model No. 1 on Models.com.

I dunno 'bout you but I just love how androgynous she looks in this cover and on all of the photos and videos I have stalked online. She is gorgeous. And because androgynous-looking models such as Andrej Pejić are now causing a major hype in the fashion world, I am joining the bandwagon and revealing another model to add in the cart. Kudos to Mert & Marcus for this beautiful shot, though I'm not quite sure who the stylist is/are; Saskia is wearing Yves Saint Laurent in this cover.

Well? Isn't she divine or what?

Tell me whatchathink?

Photo credits: Fashionising/Vogue Paris


Just Cavalli For Him 2013 Ad Campaign Featuring Marlon Teixeira

Just Cavalli For Him 2013 Ad Campaign Featuring Marlon Teixeira

Words cannot describe how good-looking Marlon Teixeira is in this 2013 ad campaign of Roberto Cavalli's Just Cavalli For Him fragance collection. Kudos to Mario Sorrenti for taking this beautiful shot.

I believe that Maron Teixeira is one of those very few models who are blessed with really good genes. As he progresses in his career as a model, and as the years continue to roll, my keen observation lead me to the conclusion that as this hunk of a model continues to age, his looks continuously advances. I guess we'll be seeing more of him in the future.

Im not a huge fan of Marlon Teixeira. I happen to have a love-hate relationship with him but in this ad campaign, I think I'm gonna have to consider. No?

Well? Do you guys agree with me? Isn't he just stellar in this campaign or what?

Tell me whatchathink?!

image source/photo credits: The Fashionisto/Roberto Cavalli


How Do You Style Bird-Print Tops?

How Do You Style Bird-Print Tops?
How Do You Style Bird-Print Tops?

How Do You Style Bird-Print Tops? by fashiondoohickey

I'm not quite sure if bird prints are in this season but I am taking a fancy on these fabulous top I found over at Polyvore. I have been glued to these kinds of contests ever since. How would you style your own bird-print tops? Let me know on the comment section below. *click *click *click!



The Look for Less: July Edition

Made in the USA

The Look for Less: July Edition

Okay, you all would hate me I know but I just happen to love Demi Lovato's song most especially her look in her new music video 'Made in the USA'.
I cringed at the thought of ever liking a celebrity but kudos to her stylist and her make-up artist. She genuinely looks extremely attractive in this music video. No, I am not going overboard, y'all need to relax. That said, felt inspired to create a look for this. 
Oh relax! It's just a music video. Give me a break. Ha.
You know you love me!
Well? Tell me what you think about my creation  Demi Lovato's music video? Don't you just love the patriotic feel of the whole ordeal? Thoughts?
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