The Age of Adaline: The New Fashion Movie

When it comes to movies that would leave a mark in a fashionable person's heart, throw in a good dramatic plot, a beautiful actress, an array of vintage-inspired clothing, a touch of magic and you'd be sure to have a huge number of fans joining the bandwagon and rushing towards the big screen. 

After all, what fashionable person could ever resist the pleasure of seeing some wonderful All-American classic pieces that could pretty much influence their style for years to come? My thoughts so too.

One very good example of is the movie that premiered a few days ago entitled 'The Age of Adaline', starring Gossip Girl's very own, Blake Lively.

The fist time I saw the trailer, I already knew that it's surely going to be added to the very short list of favorites that I will gladly enjoy watching over and over till I memorize all the character lines  happen to enjoy. I don't know about you guys, but every time I see movies like this I feel like I have a deeper calling, like I am meant to see this (word, I know).

So without a single thread of a doubt, the day it premiered I made the obviously easy decision to hit the theaters with my besties and have a heck of a good time. Oh yes, it was that easy! I just knew I'd love it the moment I first laid eyes on that Gucci silk beach ball print pleated dress. And as sure as the sun and the moon, after the credits rolled, I left the theater with obsessive ramblings happy and excited. I have never seen a fashionably satisfying movie, not since The Devil Wears Prada (God knows how long-ago that movie was.)

Kudos to Angus Strathie for the fabulous pieces of artistic elegance. I enjoyed the everyday looks of Blake Lively in this movie. Every scene, and I mean EVERY SCENE.

Enough chatter! If you haven't seen the movie yet, get a glimpse of the movie's trailer here:

What are your thoughts on the movie? Do you feel like Blake Lively is great for this role too? Does the movie deserve to be on your top list of fashion movies? Aren't these dresses lovely or what?


Photo Credits: Getty
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