Still Sunny in the South.

Still Sunny in the South.

A little touch of  inspiration here in the South. Yes it's still sunny and I am going to enjoy every single bit of sunlight I can get before the season for heavy fashionable clothes will come knocking in our doorsteps. What are your tiny little specs of fashion inspiration before August rush?


Tell me whatchathink?



RIP Anna Piaggi

RIP Anna Piaggi

This really came as a shocker. I was so shocked to have discovered that the fabulous and iconic Anna Piaggi has passed away last August 7, 2012. Yeah, I'm probably 6 days late but I still want to pay her my respects.

I have adored Anna Piaggi ever since I can remember. When I was a teen, I was so flustered with what to wear and in knowing if I was doing it right. Then I discovered her. It was then I realized that what I wear doesn't really matter. It's how I wear it. I had a very artistic soul and I always wanted to represent myself as someone who is artistically into fashion.

When I had a bad day, fashion was my escape, and ogling on Anna Piaggi for countless hours and stalking her every move was kind of a therapy for me. God bless her soul. She was more of an inspiration really. To me she was a symbol of hope. She is one of the reasons why to this day, I still am holding on to the excitement of clothes and fashion in general.

I don't really know how to describe it bluntly but Anna Piaggi for me is the epitome of the beauty of fashion. I liken Anna Piaggi to that one proverbial moment on 'The Devil Wears Prada' where Andy weeps to Nigel and he tells her a story about Runway Magazine. Yeah, something like that.

You know what makes me even sadder? It's knowing that I would never EVER get the chance to meet her in person EVER again. Would really suck to not see her and the things she would put on together. I don't believe that the things she does is for show, I believe it's more that that. Maybe that's why I connect with Anna so much, because I know that she is  not a one trick pony. That she does have something in her, something artistically alluring that would allow generations up on generations to put her in their list of style icons. Anna Piaggi, you will be missed! May you rejoice with the other fashion icons up above.

Anna Piaggi (22 March 1931 – 7 August 2012)

photo credits: getty; fashionsalad
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