Gone Was Any Trace of You

Woke up early today to a cloudy sky. I ought to be out running but something about the weather made me skip my usual morning routine.

For months on end I had kept myself busy with work, business and a little bit of writing (this explains why I haven't really had any decent post lately), thinking that my emotions will die on me like a candle on a wick. 

Little did I realize that I was playing with fire. And like fire, if you don't deal with it immediately, it will catch up on you- swallowing you whole. 

This brings me to the importance of 'closure' in our lives; in little random things, like when we have ended a day's worth of task, our search for wisdom and understanding, or even from the relationships we all wish to move on from. Closure is important.

What's scary about the effects of not being able to achieve closure is the huge possibility of regret. Regret may be just a word to some of you, but to others, it was an emotion, a force so strong that t had the power to come back and haunt them for the rest of their lives. 

I have had my own fair share of regrets in my life. I would be crazy if I would say that I didn't have any. I had a handful of them, occasionally popping out on unsuspecting occasions, but I have learned to manage them all when I understood the importance of 'closure'.

If like me, you too have had a chance with this destructive emotion and learned to deal with it, I truly admire you. I can only imagine the inner personal things you had to go through to triumph over this emotion.

Today, I am once again meeting with this emotion, and I may still be in the dark and at a loss for the right mindset to deal with this subtle tragedy (and I may even still be dwelling in the moment), but I have set to myself the intention to believe that one day, when the time is right, I too will have my chance. I just had to feel everything right now, the good and the bad.

And I also need to learn to forgive myself for these untimely episodes in my life (sorry for ranting on this fashion blog). I know, the things I put myself into, right? It's hard, but I know deep down inside that it's the right thing to do, and when I have truly achieved this 'forgiveness' only then will I believe that I have achieved closure.



Holy Biceps! More Superman, More Henry Cavill, More Bulge! (Action Figure Not Included)

It seems only yesterday when I realized that I had to move on from Brandon Routh's sleek hip-hugging style brief and signature curl on Superman Returns because it was no match for the then recently-cultivated appetite for Henry Cavill and his tight bulge spandex in the 2011 Zack Snyder movie, Man of Steel. I can still close my eyes to that one proverbial day when every cell of my being was screaming in sheer ocular orgasmic pleasure while I was busy drooling over how hot Henry Cavill was in the movie.

Though the movie had it's own drawbacks — a dragging story, erratic scene cuts, character developments and whatnot; I still was drawn to the action-packed, power-goodness, muscle sweating, muscle flexing and oozing sex-appeal that the movie had.

Speaking of Henry Cavill and his ridiculous sex-appeal, I realized that the movie's release date is still on the 25th of March 2016, and it's already creating all the hype as early as now. What is he hiding behind that robe anyway? A potential bulge perhaps?

You know what this means ladies and fembots? Oh Yes. 8 more months to go and Superman is so ready to come to the rescue! I mean, look at those err ... bionic biceps! And that chiseled face, he looks like a Greek testosterone-induced god. I have no words to say actually, except that Henry Cavill is very good looking, and that I intend to marry him someday. Ha. (wishful thinking).

More photos here ...

What are your thoughts on Henry Cavill making a comeback in the new Superman movie? What are your thoughts on his bulge chiseled bod? and lastly, how does Henry Cavill's Superman suit make you feel? We thought so too.

That said, can't wait to see the movie and to see you all lining up as well! May we all have another drool-worthy session of Henry Cavill and his manliness.

Share your thoughts in the comment section below and don't forget to spread the word and share!

photo credits: getty


The Age of Adaline: The New Fashion Movie

When it comes to movies that would leave a mark in a fashionable person's heart, throw in a good dramatic plot, a beautiful actress, an array of vintage-inspired clothing, a touch of magic and you'd be sure to have a huge number of fans joining the bandwagon and rushing towards the big screen. 

After all, what fashionable person could ever resist the pleasure of seeing some wonderful All-American classic pieces that could pretty much influence their style for years to come? My thoughts so too.

One very good example of is the movie that premiered a few days ago entitled 'The Age of Adaline', starring Gossip Girl's very own, Blake Lively.

The fist time I saw the trailer, I already knew that it's surely going to be added to the very short list of favorites that I will gladly enjoy watching over and over till I memorize all the character lines  happen to enjoy. I don't know about you guys, but every time I see movies like this I feel like I have a deeper calling, like I am meant to see this (word, I know).

So without a single thread of a doubt, the day it premiered I made the obviously easy decision to hit the theaters with my besties and have a heck of a good time. Oh yes, it was that easy! I just knew I'd love it the moment I first laid eyes on that Gucci silk beach ball print pleated dress. And as sure as the sun and the moon, after the credits rolled, I left the theater with obsessive ramblings happy and excited. I have never seen a fashionably satisfying movie, not since The Devil Wears Prada (God knows how long-ago that movie was.)

Kudos to Angus Strathie for the fabulous pieces of artistic elegance. I enjoyed the everyday looks of Blake Lively in this movie. Every scene, and I mean EVERY SCENE.

Enough chatter! If you haven't seen the movie yet, get a glimpse of the movie's trailer here:

What are your thoughts on the movie? Do you feel like Blake Lively is great for this role too? Does the movie deserve to be on your top list of fashion movies? Aren't these dresses lovely or what?


Photo Credits: Getty


The Cute Case of Hao Yun Xiang

Told ya Asians were fierce!

Okay, so I had this tinsy crush on Godfrey Gao, he's really cute and all. But I have this thing for Asian men making it big on fashion runways. Not only that. I'm not that much of a mainstream person so I kinda have reservations towards the all too familiar stereotype stories of the typical model-turned-actor. So for now Godfrey, scoot-over. There's a new Asian cutie taking the fashion scene by storm.

Ladies and fembots, feast your eyes let me introduce you to Hao Yun Xiang. This 24 year old started out as a professional athlete before he ventured into the world of modeling. Having graced the cover for GQ, Elle Men, and Manifesto magazine, he was sure to take the world by storm.

Here are some photos of his modeling ventures:

Not yet convinced? I thought so too! Move over Godfrey! There's a new God in town! (Kidding! I still love you babe!)



Salivating Over Patrick Schwarzenegger

Salivating Over Patrick Schwarzenegger

Summer just arrived here in paradise and all I can think of today is Patrick Schwarzenegger, sun, the beach, and a mango-mint ice cream in hand. Oh yes.

Though Patrick Schwarzenegger's name could make a very fine addition to my list of Tongue Twisters, I still think that he is a beaming hope to those hearts dimly-lit this summer season. Thank his lucky starts for having acquired some really good genetics coming from parents Arnold and Maria. Not only is his last name intimidating, but having a famous actor/governor for a father could throw me off in some crazy loop. Ha. 

Patrick is so good looking. I don't have enough words in me to express how I feel really. I don't know if he's well-educated, or if he has manners, but I don't have a single thread of care-hair on me right now. This eye-candy makes my eyes pop.

Isn't he like a Greek God or heaven's gift to humankind or something? OMG. Sugar? YES PLEASE!

How do you find Patrick Schwarzenegger? Is he a yes or a no? Let your thoughts be heard by adding them in the comment section below!



Miss Universe 2015

#NowHappening: Miss Universe 2015

Okay ladies and fembots, it's the time of the year once again where all beautiful women around the world compete for the title of Miss Universe 2015.

Who's your favorite?

Miss Universe Top 15

1. Colombia
2. Italy
3. India
4. France
5. USA
6. Indonesia
7. Venezuela
8. Spain
9. Philippines
10. Argentina
11. Jamaica
12. Ukraine
13. Brazil
14. Netherlands
15. Australia

Miss Universe Top 10

1. Jamaica
2. Colombia
3. Ukraine
4. Argentina
5. Philippines
6. Spain
7. Netherlands
8. Venezuela
9. Australia
10. USA

Miss Universe Top 5

1. Colombia
2. Italy
3. India
4. France
5. USA

Miss Universe 2014-2015 Winners

4th Runner Up: Jamaica

3rd Runner Up: Netherlands

2nd Runner Up: Ukraine

1st Runner Up: USA

Miss Universe 2015: Colombia

Well? What are your thoughts on this year's Miss Universe results? Don't be shy! Let your thoughts be heard in the comment section below.


Fashion Find: Ash Cult Lace Up Sneakers

These Flatforms/Wedge/Platforms or Whatnot are to Die For!

Was never a shoe person I'm not really a huge fan of the idea of being called "the shoe lady" when I grow up but when I see a pair I love, I ogle on it for long periods of time and I stick to it like glue. Such is true with my recent find.

I dunno, maybe I'm just too picky when it comes to shoes? Ha. 

To be a true "fashionist", I understand that one does not have to restrict oneself when it comes to clothing, most especially when it comes to "accessorizing" a supposed #OOTD for the day or what not; fashion is supposed to be art, and artistry has no boundaries. So why did I even bother? Maybe because sometimes we have to bend the rules? After all, fashion and the idea of being fashionable may be for everyone but not 'everyone' is cut out for it (excuse the defensive monster in me). That said, I'm all up for fashion and all things in between (grey matters or not) but when it comes to shoes I find myself too picky with what to buy that I even spend countless hours in a store just to make sure that I find a pair that I would not regret buying (my apologies for all the sales people that had to go back and forth in the storage room, but I do appreciate the effort, thank you!). 

Oh, come one! Don't tell me your eyes are rolling? You have, at some point, succumb to the dilemma of choosing a pair too, right? My point exactly.


Here's the fashion find I was talking earlier about.

photo credit: Ash Cult

I knew a few months ago that the then infamous platforms was slowly making a comeback as today's 'flatforms' shoes, and  I was dying just to grab a hold of it's modern look but never, and I mean NEVER did I ever expect for the flatform to look this brilliant! I love it!

This shoe design is by Ash Cult. It's a bit prices but what fashion find isn't right?

I quite enjoy the snakeskin detailing of this white leather shoe (though I hope it's not really made of real snake skin or it would totally creep me out) and the yellow lace as well. Also find it quite brilliant is how smart the design looks from a fashion-monger's point of view of course.

With all that being said, can't wait to once again submit to corporate slavery and grab a hold of these lovely find by the end of the month!

What are your thoughts on flatforms? Do you love them as well?

A penny for your thoughts?



You know, something stinks around here. And it's not fish.

You know, something stinks around here. And it's not fish.

Was in tears during the first half of the music video then when I saw Raina Hein from ANTM everything just came to a halt! LOL! It was a good music video from Maroon 5 nonetheless; I enjoyed every minute of it.

If your asking me if the weddings are fake? I bet on my shiny new pair of Manolo Blahnik, YES! Do I hate them for it? Of course, not. It's a music video you guys, what do you expect? It's not like they are running a charitable organization or something. You all should learn to relax and enjoy the music video for what it's cracked up to be it really is. Also, with all the advancements of technology, shouldn't you be Little Miss Skeptic?

Like I always say, "Suspension of disbelief". That said, here's the full music video of Sugar. Enjoy!

Well? Isn't Adam Levine hot or what? Share this post if you agree!


Proof of Shady-ness: http://bit.ly/1IUVAhD
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