The Cute Case of Hao Yun Xiang

Told ya Asians were fierce!

Okay, so I had this tinsy crush on Godfrey Gao, he's really cute and all. But I have this thing for Asian men making it big on fashion runways. Not only that. I'm not that much of a mainstream person so I kinda have reservations towards the all too familiar stereotype stories of the typical model-turned-actor. So for now Godfrey, scoot-over. There's a new Asian cutie taking the fashion scene by storm.

Ladies and fembots, feast your eyes let me introduce you to Hao Yun Xiang. This 24 year old started out as a professional athlete before he ventured into the world of modeling. Having graced the cover for GQ, Elle Men, and Manifesto magazine, he was sure to take the world by storm.

Here are some photos of his modeling ventures:

Not yet convinced? I thought so too! Move over Godfrey! There's a new God in town! (Kidding! I still love you babe!)


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