Salivating Over Patrick Schwarzenegger

Salivating Over Patrick Schwarzenegger

Summer just arrived here in paradise and all I can think of today is Patrick Schwarzenegger, sun, the beach, and a mango-mint ice cream in hand. Oh yes.

Though Patrick Schwarzenegger's name could make a very fine addition to my list of Tongue Twisters, I still think that he is a beaming hope to those hearts dimly-lit this summer season. Thank his lucky starts for having acquired some really good genetics coming from parents Arnold and Maria. Not only is his last name intimidating, but having a famous actor/governor for a father could throw me off in some crazy loop. Ha. 

Patrick is so good looking. I don't have enough words in me to express how I feel really. I don't know if he's well-educated, or if he has manners, but I don't have a single thread of care-hair on me right now. This eye-candy makes my eyes pop.

Isn't he like a Greek God or heaven's gift to humankind or something? OMG. Sugar? YES PLEASE!

How do you find Patrick Schwarzenegger? Is he a yes or a no? Let your thoughts be heard by adding them in the comment section below!


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