Hitting 100!

Hitting 100!


My sincerest apologies being away too often and for long periods of time but that doesn't mean that my thoughts aren't with you. I think of all of you all the time. Most especially the people who stuck with me and this baby ever since it was born.

Now I just reached 100 subscribers and I feel more than happy to let the whole netizens know about this simple joy. As a blogger it is truly rewarding to see people follow you and your trail of thoughts (we are all born attention whores, deal with it.) and to see them be consistent with it. This truly calls for a celebration. The vintage sort.

 Call it a birthday party if you like. Today is where I also celebrate my blog's 4th birthday. Whoopie! So, tell me, how do we celebrate birthdays and subscription goals in one?

A vintage caravan perhaps?

You know, just us girls.

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