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Blog: English Please!

Moi: Oh


"A Materialistic, Superficial, Drama Queen"

This is how I describe myself I guess...

Hi There! The name is Jourdane, and what you just read up there was just a fragment of how long it can go whenever i get too excited with things.

I was born a chatterbox, I have always enjoyed the pleasure of talking my way out of many things that's why my parents (advised by teachers) decided that my tongue be chained to my teeth at all times. I mean who could ever? So instead of amplifying my voice to a degree (and screwing up my school grades) I decided to channel my inner Barbara Walters and viola! This blog was born!

I originally started this blog on August of 2006 as a mini “note-to-self” memento where I can pour all my interests, disinterests, day-to-day experiences, anger and frustration in a place where I can go incognito. Since then and the moment I knew I'd sweat glitter, it evolved to a platform that took me out from the dark ages of goth and paved way for the yellow brick road to lead me to fashion and effulgent narcissism. Blah Blah Blah. You get the drill.

I call upon the fabulous bloggers, fashionists, fashion mongers and fashion addicts (lay off the juice) and invite you all to read my thoughts, my adventures, my compulsive desires for hot male models, and my attempts to gossip girl-ness. This blog reeks of shopping madness, cute boys, pretty girls, nightly rituals of pulling habitual non-entities, jaw dropping communiqués from my fishbowl, designer digests, et tellement plus.

Note to yourself: Amidst the light of the cheese-maxes, the girly madness, and the questionable sanity that my posts hold, one should (and by now) have had collocated humor and an open mind in reading this blog. Gullibility never failethed. Seriously though, pull out hoards of suspended disbelief with whatever draws you here, we're all about having a whimsical time at Fashion Doohickey.

Some say my blog leaves readers wanting for more, I say lay-off-the-juice. Thank you so much though! It flatters me to know that I am not the only crazy mind in the world of fashion blogging wanting to make a difference. Hoo-ha!

Love me or hate me, I hope you do enjoy sticking in this realm as much as I do.

”Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”
- Gone with the Wind

Now, with all that being said, if there's anything that I can do for you, or if you are a rich, well-hung bachelor, please, by all means, please feel free to email me at fashiondoohickey at gmail..


English Nazis you've been warned: I do not grammar check, spell-check, or proofread whatever I have posted on this blog. By all graces I do not even use a freakin thesaurus or whatever there is. All is as fresh as an orange squeezed juice on a sunny day with Chanel sunglasses and tanning lotion as your best friend. Its just tedious you know, after all, its just a blog, 'm sure you can comprehend.

Wishing you all the best! Kisses from the third world’s most favorite gold star!



Disclaimer: Photos I use on this blog is either from my own collection of personal photos or from tumbler. I make sure that the images I use that is not of my belonging are properly credited. If you happen to be the owner of the images I use and you wish for me to have them taken down, please by all means, all you have to do is ask. ;)

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