Wireless Charging, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Lady Gaga's hair

Wireless Charging, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Lady Gaga's hair.
Wireless Charging, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Lady Gaga's hair.

Once again, i resurrected from the land of oblivion only to find out that i am more than one month in, in the game of hide and seek. Anyhooha, I've been busy with a lot of things in school which lead the abandonment of my narcissistic shrine. And I miss you.

That said, i have been scribbling the net for a lot of cool crap to scrape from someone else's blog and it got me to these cool finds. Lo and behold.
In this technologically advance days i find myself having the nick to charge every chargable device i have in my hands one at a time or sometimes all together. Now, this is what caught my attention about battery charging and all that jazz.

Ladies and fembots, feast your eyes on the Powermat Wireless Charging Station. Well, basically its a flat mat that charges 3 electronic devices all at once, wirelessly, and it uses magnetic induction to charge (not sure i know what that means. ha. but is sure sounds cool). Isn't it just stellar?

See? Amazing? I know..
Another thing, speaking of stellar, i saw two people with two gorgeous clothes that made my eyes go blink like stars in the night. It's just too amazing you guys. like really.

first, Sarah Jessica Parker:

This picture was taken during the premier of the second installment of Sex and the City in London. Notice three things: hat, dress and shoes. She wore a Philip Treacy Hat, a billowy dress from the late Alexander McQueen, and shoes from i-don't-know-who but it sure looks juicy and bloggable.

Moving on, Lady Gaga:
No words could ever discribe how i marvel at her shrine. Lady Gaga is, have, and will always be the eptiome of fashion and avant-garde. Take a look at this, you see hair, hair, and wait, did i say hair?

Shot taken during one of her concerts in Nottingham, England. Stellar? I thought so too. One thing's for sure though, I just can't get enough of those hair. Love it. Now i know where Alanis donated all her hair. Ha.
Tell me whatchathink?!
photo credits: getty
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