Your Wedding Pictures Requests the Best Version of Yourself

Your Wedding Pictures Requests the Best Version of Yourself

How do you picture your wedding?

This considerably is a tough question because the act of celebrating matrimony alone has so many aspects to it that one cannot immediately paint a picture in the clouds with all the detailed intricacies. You also still need to find a place, a dress, a band, a photographer and many other rough details that's considered vital in organizing such event. Not only that, if you want your wedding to be perfect (you obviously do), you'll soon realize that planning the event is much challenging than staging it.

With that being said, celebrating special occasions such as weddings would not be complete without a good wedding photographer. Event organizer's couldn't stress enough the importance of a wedding photographer; a good wedding photographer. Why? Because we are all guilty of taking selfies everyday and it is absolutely important that the photographer hired must know how to take great angles and must know how to play and use natural and artificial lighting to an advantage.

It's okay to be quite picky when dealing with your pictures and how you want to be taken. Photographs are important because other than our memories it is one of the very few known devices that knows how to capture a moment; to be preserved in time.

With that being said, a few days ago, while I was busy surfing the net about wedding photography sets on islands and beaches, I came across Treasure Island wedding photos and the many photos it took for couples wanting to get married in the sandy beaches of Maldives. I could not help but ogle on the screen of this computer like a kid salivating outside a candy store.  All of them, the islands, the weddings and the photographs are just absolutely gorgeous.

A quick tip for all my hopeless-romantic readers:
If, on your wedding day, you plan on having your picture taken wearing a white dress while kissing your groom in front of the camera on Treasure Island, do it early in the morning or late in the afternoon. You'll yield a wonderful photograph of a couple kissing with a background that of San Francisco's skyline. It's like having the sky celebrating with  you on your wedding day.

Though it's the job of a wedding photographer to provide you with amazing pictures of the  most memorable event of your life, you must also be comfortable enough to exude confidence.

Confidence means a lot for a bride who wants to have the best wedding pictures. Besides looking good and having an amazing party going on with a San Francisco view, you should embrace the camera and look straight into it like you are some Victoria’s Secret Angel. Needless to say, you go own it girl! The groom also has to be in his best Brad Pitt or Jason Statham shape, so you guys create the sexiest and loveliest wedding portraits for your wedding album. Allow the camera to capture the chemistry you and your hubby have.

Soon in life when you have achieved what you have set for yourself and you wish to venture into the realm of marriage and living happily ever after, always remember that when having your photograph taken on this special day, it is, to an extent nice to have photos that spill class and sophistication but you must also have photos that capture the whole embodiment of your love for one another.

If this is achieved, you get to spend the whole day happy and in love. Because of this, you also get to show the world and  your guests the best version of yourself encapsulated in time.

Photo Credits: Vogue / Mario Testino
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