Fashion Find: Ash Cult Lace Up Sneakers

These Flatforms/Wedge/Platforms or Whatnot are to Die For!

Was never a shoe person I'm not really a huge fan of the idea of being called "the shoe lady" when I grow up but when I see a pair I love, I ogle on it for long periods of time and I stick to it like glue. Such is true with my recent find.

I dunno, maybe I'm just too picky when it comes to shoes? Ha. 

To be a true "fashionist", I understand that one does not have to restrict oneself when it comes to clothing, most especially when it comes to "accessorizing" a supposed #OOTD for the day or what not; fashion is supposed to be art, and artistry has no boundaries. So why did I even bother? Maybe because sometimes we have to bend the rules? After all, fashion and the idea of being fashionable may be for everyone but not 'everyone' is cut out for it (excuse the defensive monster in me). That said, I'm all up for fashion and all things in between (grey matters or not) but when it comes to shoes I find myself too picky with what to buy that I even spend countless hours in a store just to make sure that I find a pair that I would not regret buying (my apologies for all the sales people that had to go back and forth in the storage room, but I do appreciate the effort, thank you!). 

Oh, come one! Don't tell me your eyes are rolling? You have, at some point, succumb to the dilemma of choosing a pair too, right? My point exactly.


Here's the fashion find I was talking earlier about.

photo credit: Ash Cult

I knew a few months ago that the then infamous platforms was slowly making a comeback as today's 'flatforms' shoes, and  I was dying just to grab a hold of it's modern look but never, and I mean NEVER did I ever expect for the flatform to look this brilliant! I love it!

This shoe design is by Ash Cult. It's a bit prices but what fashion find isn't right?

I quite enjoy the snakeskin detailing of this white leather shoe (though I hope it's not really made of real snake skin or it would totally creep me out) and the yellow lace as well. Also find it quite brilliant is how smart the design looks from a fashion-monger's point of view of course.

With all that being said, can't wait to once again submit to corporate slavery and grab a hold of these lovely find by the end of the month!

What are your thoughts on flatforms? Do you love them as well?

A penny for your thoughts?


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