Holy Biceps! More Superman, More Henry Cavill, More Bulge! (Action Figure Not Included)

It seems only yesterday when I realized that I had to move on from Brandon Routh's sleek hip-hugging style brief and signature curl on Superman Returns because it was no match for the then recently-cultivated appetite for Henry Cavill and his tight bulge spandex in the 2011 Zack Snyder movie, Man of Steel. I can still close my eyes to that one proverbial day when every cell of my being was screaming in sheer ocular orgasmic pleasure while I was busy drooling over how hot Henry Cavill was in the movie.

Though the movie had it's own drawbacks — a dragging story, erratic scene cuts, character developments and whatnot; I still was drawn to the action-packed, power-goodness, muscle sweating, muscle flexing and oozing sex-appeal that the movie had.

Speaking of Henry Cavill and his ridiculous sex-appeal, I realized that the movie's release date is still on the 25th of March 2016, and it's already creating all the hype as early as now. What is he hiding behind that robe anyway? A potential bulge perhaps?

You know what this means ladies and fembots? Oh Yes. 8 more months to go and Superman is so ready to come to the rescue! I mean, look at those err ... bionic biceps! And that chiseled face, he looks like a Greek testosterone-induced god. I have no words to say actually, except that Henry Cavill is very good looking, and that I intend to marry him someday. Ha. (wishful thinking).

More photos here ...

What are your thoughts on Henry Cavill making a comeback in the new Superman movie? What are your thoughts on his bulge chiseled bod? and lastly, how does Henry Cavill's Superman suit make you feel? We thought so too.

That said, can't wait to see the movie and to see you all lining up as well! May we all have another drool-worthy session of Henry Cavill and his manliness.

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