Say Goodbye to Lung Cancer

Say Goodbye to Lung Cancer
Say Goodbye to Lung Cancer

My girlfriends (Carlito & Earl) told me to cut my "ciggy" habits and viola! this is what he caught online. Isn't this cool? Opened the package and sent him a thank you card. And a promise that i would use these regardless of taste and appearance. Ladies and fembots, this is called an electronic cigarette.

I know, i even scratched my head the first time i read the label "Cigarette Electronique" don't you just love how french-ish it sounds? no?

This is what it says in its behind... ha.

The Electronic Cigarette / E-Cigarette is a low-pressure microelectronic fogging instrument that utilizes advanced micro and supercritical physical atomization technology. These technologies work together to create a fog with the smell of tobacco by atomizing liquid, which can be then be inhaled by the user.

The function of this device is similar to traditional cigarette. It stimulates smokers and is able to satisfy their need to smoke, allowing them to remain happy and relaxed.

Mini Electronic Cigarette is essentially different from the traditional cigarette. It contains NO tar, it is Non-flammable, and does NOT contain any of the 4000+ chemical toxins and carbon monoxide on the common cigarette.

Benefits of Electronic Cigarette.

* No light, no burning, no tar and no real smoke.
* No air pollution.
* Nicotine content: very low to none compared to regular cigarettes.
* No smelly mouth.
* No teeth discoloration like from regular cigarettes.
* Harmless to people surrounding you. No second hand smoke effects.
* Replaceable cigarette filter.
* One cartridge replaces over 1 full pack of cigarettes. Imagine the savings!!!
* Rechargeable battery.

Refill Cartridges are also avalable...

REDUCE your SMOKING COSTS by almost 90% !


You can smoke in Restaurants, Malls, in the office
any where you want to !

STOP damaging your HEALTH and the health of those around you

ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES are the solution YOU have been looking for !

And I'm like, Riiight! Oh well, no harm in trying... Isn't it just too too? I know you love it, tell me whatchathink?!

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