I Died.

I Died.
I Died.

Searching for videos on the net, i stumbled to this. AND yes, I DIED.
What the?! No words could even describe how i felt when my eyes rested on the video. God, and i thought i was the better doohickey?!

Well.. Check this out..

This viddey was shot by Joost Vandebrug in London for a Video fashion story. It's amazing, I love it. Click here to see the site he made. It scores major points.

You guys, I find Ash Stymest EXTREMELY good looking and EXTREMELY adorable, I don't care about the tats. I love it. (there is always an exception to everything)

Isn't he utterly too too?! Well, is he?!

We know we love him I mean, I know I do,
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