Ash Stymest and Luke Worrall got me thinking tonight

Ash Stymest and Luke Worrall got me thinking tonight

And it's, well, not that good really. I dunno, I somehow find myself rather perplexed and confused by the sight of these two. Be prepared for an OMG! moment. And as for me? Well, I died.

I'm not sure if I should be turned on or if I should go pull out my phonebook and use my connections to have his number on my speed dial OR if I should, well, be celebrating or scream with jealousy because I know that I have a chance but in sheer appreciation by what my eyeballs have landed on. I'm speechless really. Well I already know that a lot of male models are gay but, Ash Stymest? Luke Worrall? Really? Please tell me they had too much fun. 

I'm very Confused as of the moment. Seriously.

I don't want to make any assumptions with how these two lovely boys and their current love-lives perhaps? ended up with these two lucky fairies, but maybe these pics are all just for fun and games because they were they under the influence of em mind altering substances. No?

I dunno. What to do? What to do? Ash Stymest I love you still.

Note to self: Do not take everything you see on the net seriously. Ha.

Well? tell me whatchathink?!

photo credits: charmants


Anonymous said...

Talking about bending the rules. You'll recover.

Madame A. said...

My hands are trembling parallel to what i just saw. It's official, they belong to the majority of male model stereotype now. The pic is kinda hot though. LOL

Kelly said...

Oooh! Very very nice pics! haha
Thank you for all the lovely commentare on my blog I'm glad you can still find it after the name change I had!
xoxo Ann

EarlEarl said...

Controversy in its finest

Florent said...

It's true that I would not have bet on those two's homosexuality. Well, that is a little less competition for me ha ha !


@ Kelly: Yup. How could i ever forget? ;)

@ Florent: Haha. Well said. It's competition for me though. Ha.

Anonymous said...

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Alanna said...

i could marry ash

Pana said...

"they belong to the majority of male model stereotype now."

what kind of bulshit!!!

Anonymous said...

i found out who the guy is in this picture....THIS IS NOT LUKE!! his name is Hareth Tayem.. he is an australian actor model presenter person. from what i read - he is also bi-sexual - I found out from ash's ex girlfriend that Ash and Hareth used to have a deal that they could do whatever they wanted.

all i can say is.. Ash is hot!! Hareth is hot!!! so no questions.. just more pics boys!! hahah


Thank You so much for the update.. :)

RB said...

Are you retarded?

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