I Died. Again.

I Died. Again.
I Died. Again.

I thought i was going crazy for not having blogged for a very VERY long time. I want to think of an excuse but i, right now, after having seen the news. i can't think of any.

So here's the sitch..

I checked my mail, updates, and posts on my blog only to discover that even an expensive bag such as Chanel 2.55 purse could hit logo-flat on the floor, unharmed and ignored at the same time (sorry for that honey). I felt like Emily the moment she saw Andy wear the Chanel boots on the movie, The Devil Wears Prada. This is such an Emily moment.


Ever since i was a very skinny young boy who never knew what blogging was and discovered later on in life that i am psyched for not having known such fabulous site for random queendom 13 years old, I have been an avid reader of Bryan's site. (Every person in the blogging world know who Bryanboy is, if you don't, your psyched as well. HA. ) I have witnessed him and his fashion grow and (my bestfriends and moi) considered his sense of style as a MAJOR MAJOR inspiration. I was just thrilled for him having seen his pictures gracing the covers of this magazine..

Oh yeSs. You're not dreaming. This is the fashion bible. Vogue, and not just any vogue magazine, American Vogue (which is just by far the biggest selling vogue magazine, no sweat). I'm just so happy for him to grace the pages of these magazine, this is by far the biggest achievement any fashion blogger could ever think of. Kudos!

this is the March 2010 issue by the way. I better get me one.

Well, tell me whatchathink? Isn't it divine?

photo credits: thebaghagdiaries. Bryanboy


Madame A. said...

Haha. You're really funny. Kudos to the gayest gay that ever gayed ;)

Celine said...

I got this issue in the mail and :

"Garance!!! Wait... Brianboy???"

Special-K said...

Awesome video. They look so coooll! Love it! :)

Special-K said...

i just adore garance and tommy ton !!! i check out their blogs everyday. It is actually the first thing i do when i get up in the morning!

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