Ash Stymest: OH-NO-HE-DID-NOT!

Ash Stymest: OH-NO-HE-DID-NOT!
Ash Stymest: OH-NO-HE-DID-NOT!

I don't know when i would ever run out of excuses on why i post late entries on this blog. I'm just so busy with school and all that crap. I thought of something to write for my April entry and i thought of Ash *cough* Stymest. It's been ages since i last blogged about him and so i began my search. Ladies and Fembots, what you are about to see might come as a shocker.

No silly, Not these two. I just got these two gorgeous photos of Ash during my search for new updates oh his life and all that glittery jazz. They are gorgeous by the way. Anyway, this is what i want you to ogle on.

Ah ha. Oh yes, got that right, it's Ash Stymest with Amy Winehouse. I know, I know, to all Ash Stymest fans out there, bohoo. Word came out that they are the new hot stuff on the shutter world, well, I'm not surprised. Too bad Ash Stymest doesn't hit on crack-free people. My eyes exploded with shock upon seeing this photo. Im like "wha?" "uh?" "woah!?" "Hmm.." the list goes on. I'm not against their tandem but i just wish Ash Stymest stayed single clean and well, you know the rest.

Caption that photo.

Tell me what you think?

do they look, well, hmmm.. cute together? no?

photo credits: Models.com, ohtheydidnt.livejournal.com


AV said...

Oh my god. Is he for real. :|

I'm enjoying your blog by the way.

angi. said...


Anonymous said...

I think they were out just as friends. Well, i hope at least lol

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