To Japan and the Japanese people my prayers are with you.

To Japan and the Japanese people my prayers are with you.

It's already been 2 days since i got hooked on the t.v. and CNN to get the latest updates on the disaster that struck Japan. Days ago Japan suffered a series of earthquakes until a tsunami struck and left most of her people homeless, lost, and (i regret saying this) dead.
My heart breaks for Japan and the Japanese people. I could not imagine the kind of trauma everybody in Japan is going through right now. And for that my prayers are with them.
Wishes and prayers have been offered by many but I wish that everybody would be able to help more. I am giving what I am earning from this blog to Japan because I think to save lives and to help others in need is much more important than buying the latest trend for spring.
Two days ago, I found it kinda funny when my mother called me, crying, and checking if i was okay. I found it funny because I thought that my mother was overreacting and that it wasn't necessary. But after what seemed like an hour of talking, I felt bad because somewhere out there, somewhere in Japan, a mother was reaching out to her son, crying, and calling, but no one was there to pick up the phone. And for that, it created within me a depth of insight and understanding that cannot be taught.
Anyway, if you would like to join me in my endeavor to help Japan in our own little ways, you can help me by donating what you can to my paypal account at fashiondoohickey@gmail.com or you can visit The American Red Cross and help Japan and the Japanese people.

photo credits: injectmesilicone.tumblr


ME. said...

lets pray for japan (':

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