Vogue's 73 Questions with Blake Lively

Vogue's 73 Questions with Blake Lively

No later than a minute after spending ages not being able to update my Youtube account rechecking my Youtube subscription was I able to discover in one of my subscriptions that Vogue has this amusing segment on their account called "73 Questions" featuring various actors, and singers. They were able to pull of something amusing to look at and feel sorry about for not having a cool and amazing life like they have like the current post on Gossip Girl's very own, Blake Lively. Check the video below and be tempted to look at the other segments they have for other artists like Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe, SATC's Sarah Jessica Parker, and fashion's very own Donatella Versace. 

What do you think on this move by Vogue? Yay or Neigh? Send me your thougths on the comment section below.


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