Caption This

Caption This

Tell me, after staring at these photo, how does it make you feel? A glee fan? I know.
Regardless of, I love Glee and I think it's funny that they made Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) a wee bit conservative and more, well, liberal.

P.S. Shots like this would only mean one photographer, Terry Richardson. Kudos to him, these shots are amazing and of course, scandalous. Me likey likey. Plus Cory Monteith and Diana Agron is smokin' in this pic, waddup!


Tell me whatchathink?!

photo credits: previewmen.com


Adnan said...

I hate that shot! UGH! It makes me mad that any adult man could find it sexy staring at scantily clad girls that goes to high school. I know that the actresses are in their twenties. But they doubtless represented high school girls in that shot. And that a mens magazine would do something like that just to pleasure some pedophile out there is very unprofessional and a rather disturbing thought!

Madame A. said...

I find Terry Richardson very funny. Lol. Yey Glee!

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