I am no Miley Cyrus fan

I am no Miley Cyrus fan

But this song is definitely inside my head. I can only imagine downloading this song in my ipod minutes from now. but whatevs, I love the song. I can't complain.


"Who owns my heart? Is it love or is it art?
You know I wanna believe that we're a masterpiece
But sometimes it's hard to tell in the dark
Who owns my heart?"

I just have a few issues with the music video though. Do you smell the stench of Kesha or Gaga in this video? mmmkay. Other than that I think that the song is so part-ey. Totally part-ey.

Tell me whatchathink?!



1 comment :

Madame A. said...

last song syndrome this song.. :) I love it. not a fan of the singer and music video but i think her song is captivating...

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