Call me a lazy-late bird but you just have to click this, havta, you just havta!

Call me a lazy-late bird but you just have to click this, havta, you just havta!

Before you go rant on something about how you hate this kid and how it would all make sense if he came out and say that Ellen Degeneres is in fact her biological mother you have to see these photos first. Ladies?

This is such a crime for doing a repost on Justin Bieber; You can say that I am blogging about useless things already, and you can say how feminine his face still looks like but my god, all I see are washboards. Yeah, definitley washboards. Justin Bieber couldn't get any hotter than this. Ha.

I was kinda hesitant making this an entry but I tell you. I was lost for words when I first saw these pictures. I went from Eeew! to Ah! in just a snap of a finger. He grows up so fast! That said, I am going to predict a hotter Justin Bieber years from now. So here goes the half naked Justin Bieber.
Haven't got any updates as to where this photo is to be published but a little bird on my shoulder told me that it is for a certain magazine, well, good luck to that magazine because I am pretty sure that this issue would sell like pancakes on crack! Ha.


Tell me whatchathink?!

photo credits: insouciantboy


Madame A. said...

Yeahp, you got it bad. Bieber Fever. LOL!

Ramie Craders said...

Wow. He's really growing up now. That necktie is a nice accessory for that photoshoot. Yeah, JB's still got those feminine facial features, which isn't really a big deal at all. Saw your post about his license I.D., btw. HAHA!

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