So I need a new hairstyle. Can't decide on any. Help?

So I need a new hairstyle. Can't decide on any. What say you?

Is this still okay or am I close to looking like a bush baby already? That said, I think I need a new hairstyle but I can't decide on any. I usually don't ask for things like these but all things are a case to case basis, so, waddup?! Ha. (P.S. Don't mind me half naked, and don't ask for anything underneath or whatnot cause trust me, there is nothing to see). I dunno, what good products are out there? I heard ghd has tons a cool products including hair straighteners and all that glittery jazz. check out their site: http://straighteners.ghdhair.com/ . Maybe you can suggest something for me then? I'm sure you'll find something you'd fancy.

So I guess I'll be looking fresh from the runway in no time. I'll keep you posted.

Well, for now,



Madame A. said...

I love your hair, maybe just add a little highlight.

Hello Naka said...

cute hair in the photo ^^


@ Madame A: Thanks, i will keep that in mind. ^_^

@ Hello Naka: Thanks ^_^

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