On Andrej Pejic, Niki Manray & Having A Good Time

On Andrej Pejic, Niki Manray & Having A Good Time

Spotlight's on Andrej Pejic and Niki Manray (Niki M'nray) dancing and having a good time in a NYC apartment. It's always nice to look at friends loving life in general. No?

He is such a fashion gargoyle. I love it!

Andrej is an inspiration to me, he truly is. He is one of the reasons why I love life in addition to loving fashion in general. Aside from the fact that he is the fiercest fashion gargoyle alive, he also has this statuesque body to die for, like seriously y'all! I'm all jelly with his skinny-ness! I wanna have his body! Ha. dream on b*tch I'm never going to have a rocking body like that. 

Anyhooha, how does this fun loving video make you feel?


Tell me whatchathink?!


P.S. The song you ask? It's Alexandra Stan's Mr. Saxobeat. You're welcome love! Now werq it!

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