Tiny Little Specs Of Inspiration

Tiny Little Specs Of Inspiration

As much as I want to chant "Brr, it's cold in hereThere must be some Fashion in the atmosphere!", I am stopping myself. Fall is in but I am not going to talk about the comforts of warming up for fall. What I want to show you this time are all the colored shiny shimmering splendids.
Here I have with me are tiny little specs of inspiration I have collected over at www.onestopplus.co.uk. Take a look at my cute finds for fall's hottest accessories. Ladies?

Here are some of my personal favorites. I feel like going silver and gold this season. What do you think of my fabulous finds? Does it spark major hotness points? Yes?


Tell me whatchathink?!

photo credits: www.onestopplus.co.uk


Deppa said...

I love those last rings, and I think that you are ready for fall season :)

Pretty personal favourites.
See you!

yiqin; said...

nice <3

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