How Does Art Inspire You?

How Does Art Inspire You?

I can say that I have a little bit of what everybody has here. I cannot ground myself to an identifier having seen this people. Like them, I too have my own unique story of how my appreciation of art and fashion came about. I'm going to skip the hairy details but if you really want to know, just message me or something. Ha.

I have the highest admiration for these people. I believe that fashion is not and cannot be grounded in any way. I believe that fashion is FREEDOM. Freedom from the norms and from what society dictates (referring to what is okay and not okay to wear). I believe that in order to be successful you have to be authentic. Take Tavi and Bryanboy for example; These people did not excel in the world of fashion because they followed a well made path, but they excelled because of their high respects for fashion, freedom, appreciation of originality, and individuality. They treaded towards uncharted waters and they made their own path. That's the liking of a great fashion blogger if you ask me. 

Though loving fashion in general would put you in the right spot, you have to understand that there is more to fashion than just clothes and the latest trends. What are these things you ask me? Look inside your fashionable heart, you'll see the answer.


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