Okay Now, When Is Too Much Editing 'Too Much?'

Okay Now, When Is Too Much Editing 'Too Much?'

Saw this last month and instead of feeding my excitement, I found myself rather disappointed. Last October, Armani launched their cosmetics campaign featuring Megan Fox as the face of Armani Cosmetics. I dunno if I am missing the point here since this is the 'cosmetic' division after all, but something about this ad campaign screams 'No, No, No' to me.

Most of the people might have seen passed the beauty that is Megan Fox, but I haven't. I am not referring to the styling (it's amazing trust me) or Megan Fox herself (she is gorgeous even without Photoshop), but I am rather perplexed at how Megan's photos are heavily manipulated; It did not do her justice at all. To me (and I'm pretty sure all would agree), if no one told me that this lady here is 'Megan Fox' I would not have noticed. I would instantly think that this is another model. Seriously. There's just too much air brushing and liquefying going on. No?

So why blog about this now? Can't give you a concrete answer. Maybe I just got annoyed at how these photos magically pop out of fashion blogs and no one ever taking time to talk about how beautiful this would have appeared had they not done too much editing. Just saying. Also, even if the quality of the photos here are not as clear as day, I can tell that there is too much airbrushing going on, which leaves me to question how this would look like in HD.


Is Armani's Cosmetics ad campaign a hit or a miss?

Tell me whatchathink?!

photo credits: paris-confidential

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