Follow The Model

Follow The Model

Yes, the model. That's how ANTM's runway coach Miss Jay Alexander would put it. Just seen the book and I've readily decided to buy the book and put in on my wishlist. Speaking of wish lists, I've been meaning to write top 10 of my carnal cravings for the holiday season. Nuff said.
Upon reading the preview and some reviews of the book, Follow The Model; there's a line that made much sense to me. Miss J quoted: "Follow FASHION, not TRENDS"I find every bit of truth in what he said. Over the course of time people get the wrong impression on how 'fashion' should be carried out. Fashion is INDIVIDUALITY and ORIGINALITY encased in one soul. I think the reason why Miss J quoted this is because he sees desperation. People get caught up in fashion that they turn it into a frenzied trend and infest the minds of the innocent people. Fashion is part inspiration and part intelligence. You have to know your aesthetic and stick to it. No?

You hear me yes?


Tell me whatchathink?!

photo credits: onsugar

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