Tyra Banks Striking The Pose For Marcus Gaab? Maybe.

Tyra Banks Striking The Pose For Marcus Gaab? Maybe.

Okay I am not trying to reach for perfection here and 'yes' a part of me wants to be a panel judge of ANTM for a while so please allow me but when one is a celebrity, you just can't be ignored (Even if you do not make it to the 'A' list, every part of you is have and will always be scrutinized). I think it is expected that people would expect the best in you. And if you are a celebrity, it's your job to do that. But what happens if your 'best' doesn't really fit the 'best' standards of everybody? Exactly.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I find this highly, highly bloggable. And I haven't forgiven Tyra for the end results of ANTM cycle 17 'All-Star. So here it goes. If you look closely and I am sure that you would, you'd notice a lot of things that slightly missed the marks in this youtube video.

I do not know if the video lacks editing, lighting, or rigorous editing but if the aim of the director was to show the true beauty of Tyra Banks on film then I guess he really did a good job.If not, then I guess its a Britney Spears 'Oops!' y'all! As for Tyra 'striking the pose', it's all good for a still shot but when you look at it in film, it's different as she looks old and her acting looks as fake and as rigged as her t.v. show. Sorry Ty you don't get my kudos on this one. 

Okay, I'm showing you these stills to prove my point and to completely put you in shock with what Tyra and Photoshop has been hiding all these years. Ladies?

 Notice the caking of the makeup? Not only that, take a closer look at her makeup. Did a makeup factory explode in her face? This is so not ANTM standards.
Her hands. OMG. They look like the hands of a very old lady. Tyra? Why did you let yourself go? I know you've been busy and all, but this? Seriously? Have you ever heard of hand moisturizers? Where did all your money go?
Wrinkles on the cheeks and neck? Thank God for Photoshop.
Nothing can get as fake as this. Sorry Ty, you've been so keen on advising those girls on ANTM about how 'not' to appear fake on film and on stills. Well guess what? You just jumped in the bandwagon! Ha!
I've never seen Tyra Banks look this Bad on film. (I am not referring to her styling and her hair. It's amazing, honestly). Guess this is the day of reckoning. She better stick to modeling because by what she is doing, well, she kinda looks like a 'has been'.


Does Tyra Banks look exceptionally old in Marcus Gaab's film or what?

Tell me whatchathink?!


p.s. I don't mean to appear like I'm trolling or ranting about someone who used to look good mmmkay? Call this a response of a person in shock. yeah, something like that. mmmkay?

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