Spur Of the Moment Crush: Mark Whittington

Spur Of the Moment Crush:
Mark Whittington

There are three things a man must be/have for them to be able to catch my attention. British, Tattoos, and Music. Yes those three. I dunno why I go for the type of men our mothers would warn us about, but I just do. Daddy issues? I don't think so. A thrill seeker perhaps? Yes, yes. 

Ladies and fembots, let me introduce you to my spur of the moment crush. His name is Mark Whittington and he is half Filipino and half British that accounts to 1 point out of three, he has tats in all the right places another score there, and he loves music I guess (all models love music i guess i get a half point here then? Yes?).

This 21 year old model has been working for quite some time now and has appeared in several ads to date. He is currently residing in Australia in pursuit of a better modeling career.

Isn't he just gorgeous? Checked him out online and I discovered that he has a mix of British and Aussie accent, a very sexy Brit-Aussie accent if you ask me. 

Well? Isn't he mouthwatering or what?

Tell me whatchathink?!


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