Don't you just love Calvin Harris?

Don't you just love Calvin Harris?

Ever since I can remember, Calvin Harris has always topped the list of my tune faves and now he present's me another song featuring Ne-Yo entitled 'Let's Go'. Yes, you guessed that right! Been obsessing with the play and repeat button since that proverbial day. That said, let my fine taste in music influence you as I would require you to give the song a try. 
Do you see colors and all the fashion goodness that goes along with the song? Yes? Very good. Now download the song in iTunes and listen to your heart's delight. To set the record straight, NO, for the Nth time, NO, I have not been paid to do this. I have been a Calvin Harris fan ever since God knows what and having someone to pay me for 'Advertising' is, have, and will always be beyond me. Nuff said.

Well? Don't you just feel like having a cheery disposition after having listening to the song?

Tell me whatchathink?!

photo credits: wowwow.me

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