My Heart Is Broken To Many Million Pieces

My Heart Is Broken To Many Million Pieces

...Sniff ...Sniff ...Sniff...

My heart is in absolute pain right now. Currently I cannot master and muster the guts to be up and running with something that is going to hurt my career as an aspiring fashion journalist/blogger. The news I received was too painful for me to accept and till now, I am still allowing myself to have all these information sink in. Ouch. I do not write like this, I do not normally write like this, but pass me the tissue box and allow me sob in this post and allow me the choice of words. 

I do not have anything smart or funny to say right now. All I know is that my heart is wounded and is in a far cry from healing. Why Ash? Why?

"Have fallen in love with you since 2008; back when you were still a rising model, back when your popularity was exclusive to the fashion world and the fashionable people only, up until you went mainstream my heart never left you. I just knew you had it in you. I knew you were going to make it big someday. Look at where you're standing right now? I was right was I?

I could not put my grief into words. I am so disheartened when I knew about this. When you decided to leave the fashion scene for a bit to focus on music, was something I was able to accept but now, when you are leaving our world for a better world, it's a different story. (Oh good lord, I'm having the gayest moment here, but whatevs, please allow me to sulk, I'm having a moment here AND after all, i fell in love. so waddup?) 

Still cannot believe it. But I am trying. Everyday. Was planning to meet you someday, someday when I become as famous as you, but I guess that will never ever happen. So I wish you well, may you live a good life, may you be happy now that your married. I promise to always think of  you and to blog about you whenever I can. I love you. Always have, always will. (Moment alert!)"

Ash Stymest and Maille Doyle got married last October 2011 under my nose. Are you an Ash Stymest fan? What do you have to say after having discovered him getting married? Do you approve of him getting married with Maille Doyle? Do you also wish him the same things? The love of my life is already married and I do not even stand a chance with how awesome his wife is. *sob


Tell me whatchathink?!

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