Fashion Week: Alexander Wang SS 2010 Collection

Fashion Week: Alexander Wang SS 2010 Collection
Fashion Week: Alexander Wang SS 2010 Collection

It's Fashion week once again and I'm sure lotsa blogs would be ranting about pretty much the same thing. Last year I was taken aback with Alexander Wang's SS and FW 2009 collection, I loved it!, I just knew back then that 2010 would be a collection we all would be looking forward to.

NOT. Oh my god, it was really really painful to see his collection, not that they were ugly and all, i just don't find it appealing. They are good clothes of course, i give you that, but there's just something missing in the collection or maybe I've seen some of the clothes before (in lookbook. Ha). Good thing Natasha Poly and Lily Donaldson was there to rock the collection, they were awesome!

Here are some pics, I have some personal favorites though.

Word came out that Alexander Wang's SS 2010 collection is inspired from vintage collegiate sportswear. I also think that collegiate vintage clothes would come out in many other runways from other designers this season.

BTW, check out the shoes, aren't they to die for or what?

Well, how do you like Alexander Wang's collection pieces? tell me what you think.



Gerri Ward said...

OMG! I luv, luv, luv Alexander Wang! This is solely a TO DIE FOR COLLECTION!!!:)
p.s. YOU have such a FAB and SOPHISTICATED BLOG, I LUV IT!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Alexander Wang, but i agree, this isn't his strongest collection, its a bit painful to watch also.

Poppy said...

I agree it's not his best, but I adore the grey cape, I think it's very elegant.

Anonymous said...

I love the hairstyles!
And looove the shoes!

CC said...

I love him! He has the most whacky outfits - Gorgeous. :)


Katie said...

Kind of loving the knee high socks / leg warmers ... but still not sure about wearing them with heels ...

Midnight traveller said...

Wicked blog! I will make sure I check back here often!
Personally I'm really dissapointed with AW's collection. It's like he didn't finish it or something.


Carissa said...

I've got to agree with you man~ I love Wang's job this season. Incredibly cool. The shoes especially :D not to mention the side braided hair!

Jowy said...

I adore all the leather shorts from his collection..delicious!

One Love,

Patty Ann said...

i loved his sweater/fleece material clothing in this collection
the leopard print shoes were a little off in my opinion. but still LOVED the colleciton


Flashes of Style said...

What gorgeous people :) Love it all, he's genius.

Annie said...

Honestly, I quite liked his collection. I think it's unique and wearable, and a strong continuation of the fresh American theme he had going for his Resort collection. I loved the red and white striped pieces, and the sweatshirt dress with the leather shoulder strips. I have definitely seen a lot of mixed reviews about the collection, but personally I loved it!

kimvee said...

I am in love with the second to last outfit with the red & white striped top & denim shorts. Awesome, I am definitely inspired and going to keep that picture in mind when Spring comes again in 2010 :)

By the way thanks for your comment. Although you don't live near my place, you can also shop for my vintage items at my Etsy shop at http://omvintage.etsy.com

I am going to be adding vintage clothes to the shop, so stay tuned... .. . :)

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! I luv this post, it's solely FAB and those soles are DELICIOUSLY APPETIZING !!!
p.s. MY feet are ready to devour them!!!:)

Coco said...

I'm not too sure about the rest of the collection, but I really like that massive grey cape!

Anonymous said...

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