Fashion Week: Versace SS 2010 Collection

Fashion Week: Versace SS 2010 Collection
Fashion Week: Versace SS 2010 Collection

Donatella! You make me young-er! It is such a Stop-Rewind-Freeze-I-want-one moment!

I love this collection, i absolutely worship the fashion. I remember 10 years ago, my idea of fashion was princesses and silhouettes and gowns and all the other watery-flowy fabrics that a princess would wear. Guess what? I got educated. But still, I remember adoring Versace back in the olden days. Nothing has changed ever, till now.

take a look at some of my personal favorites.

Don't you just love it? Isn't this collection A-mazing or what? I see Sasha *burp Pivovarova, Lily Donaldson, and Natasha Poly strut the runway, what else could be Hotter than this? Well?

Tell me! Tell me Quick! I love Versace.

P.S. here are some of the shoes and accessories (I'm sure) we will all trade our souls for. Shall we?

This is major Major Hotness!

photo credits: fashionising


Earl said...

Oh Wow! I love your blog!

Versace is, have, and will always be amazing. ;)

Madame A. said...

I love Versace's Collection this season, I am inlove with the colors.

Gerri Ward said...

THANK YOU for this SPECTACULAR post! I luv,luv, luv Versace! This collection is solely GLAM FABULOUS!!!!:)

Flashes of Style said...

Oh my goshh those platforms are amazing!

Carissa said...

definitely hotness! the shoes are awesome as well :D omg. I'm seriously in love with these!

Annamarie said...

Hey I love this post, ur blog is killer!
I was wondering how exactly fo you format the pics side-by-side, as you can see, mine only seems to go up and down on a post. And I'm not quite sure how to do it, could you explain to me how? I'm not very tech-saavy! Thanks alot for the advice on the computer resaving pics too! ~Ann

buy viagra said...

Versace Spring/Summer 2010 Collection was awesome, I loved high-heeled designs, were so original, and the purses looked so cute! I loved all this collection!

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