Push that Grey Button, you know you want to..

Push that Grey Button, you know you want to..
Push that Grey Button, you know you want to..

So I've shied away from the limelight for a bit of time but that doesn't mean that i do not miss you!

I've been so busy with lotsa boys school work and all that jazz, that i forgot my little world of dress up and make-believe. School has finally kicked in and it is obsessed with me, it's not my fault I'm a magnet for all able God i hate school assignments.

So this is what i wore to school, a little mix of this and that, i don't really feel like dressing up for school, people don't get my fashion sense AND I am scared that people would run behind my back carrying torches and whatnot. World War ended a long time ago biyatches!! kids these days, they are so cruel.

Remember in one of my posts when i swore that if i saw another man, woman, child, and or fembot wear plaid, checkered, flannel and all that crisscross thing i would kill myself? Im eating all of it. AGAIN. I just had this one last plaid button up shirt from Diesel that is in a bad need of wearing. Who says no to a little favor like this?

So i was in a hurry and when i finally had the leggings to be worn last, i accidentally ripped a hole between my groin and my upper thigh, and to make things worse, i only had 15 minutes left for classes and i still have to take a 30 minute drive to reach school-o-school.

What else could have gotten worse than that? Ha. Anyway, finally fixed the "follow" button you see on the left side of the screen, why don't you be a sweetheart and please click that button, well, i know you want to, think of where your curiosity would bring you. *wink

So, was the week friendly to you?

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