Levis, Barneys NY, Cole and Ash. Make my day

Levis, Barneys NY, Cole and Ash. Make my day
Levis, Barneys NY, Cole and Ash. Make my day

Mailers in and Barneys NY is giving us a sneak peek of what will line their store for F/W 90-10.

Yes, you saw this right, Ash Stymest and Cole Mohr.

Check out the clothes this season, It's all laid back and, well, cool.

Over a month ago, i swore that if i saw another man, woman, child, and or fembot wear plaid, checkered, flannel and all that crisscross thing i would kill myself, guess what, today's an exception. ha.

Kiddies, it's wrong to swear on something. I swear to God

Anyway, look at the bottom-right picture above. It's an Italian leather hooded jacket and I really really want it despite the $838 price tag. Ash Stymest too

I want to splurge, i want to splurge so bad! I want an ostentatious display of skinny-ness. I don't have anything to say to Levis. We all know it's an amazing pair of jeans. Great fit, great color, looks better over time, what else could you ask for? Maison Martin Margiela ripped jeans of course! absolutely nothing!

Notice Cole Mohr on the top-right picture, he kinda looks hot here. I actually never had the chance to really look at Cole, before i always see this guy and i thought "well, yeah, he has sharp features" but now after closely examining and thoroughtly scrutinizing every angle of his face I am left to conclude that he is INDEED good looking. Plus I think he's sweet.

Well? Is he?

I know what your thinking and my answer to that is NO. I still prefer Ash Stymest! Who could possibly replace this cutie?

Braghhhrgh! Say he's cute or i would swear on Chanel's grave that the only things you could ever buy in a clothing store are mesh tees, safari shorts, and crocs! See? No one, i think he's just utterly too too.

Anyhooha, I find both of them cute anyway, not equally cute though. I dunno, It's always the tall guy, It's always the skinny guy, It's always the guy with tats, it's always the guy that looks good holding cigs, It's always the tall skinny guy with tats that looks good holding cigs that makes me drool.

Ha. Im going off course now, still need to catch on my sleep and dream of Ash and Cole. Oh Oh i forgot! look at this pic.

No not Cole, the shirt he's wearing, i find it really really nice also, how does the shirt make you feel?

Change of plans, Shop now sleep later. I better go to Barneys and check. I'll do some updates later.

And oh ladies?

That's all.

photo credits: Charmants


Cherish said...

A fit boy always proves the exception. ;) I myself am not yet through with all things flannel, plaid, checked, et cetera.

Love your blog, you're uber funny.



Ajie said...

Woah, the price of that leather jacket is intense! Oh please do update. Barneys is pretty far from where i come from. I think Cole is cute too. LOL

Shin said...

I love both Ash and Cole! They're both really unique models.

I hope that my blog is not a poster for "thinspiration" as I'm completely against that image. I'm naturally skinny and it's just the way I look since I was a child.

Thank you for dropping by my blog :-) xxoxoxoxo

Celine said...

what fun things you've got!

Anonymous said...

That is fuuny!Cute blog!xo

Mary said...

hello love

thanks for visiting and leaving ur 'bite' on my blog ;-)

you are a star! your blog is amazing :)


Fashion Doohickey said...

Thanks y'all for your comments! :D

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