Je t'embrasse

Je t'embrasse
Je t'embrasse

Ladies and fembots, i am lost for words, i died. I DIED. Take a look at this.

Don't you just absolutely love French men? let alone, the French? Golly.

Introducing to you Pedj and Kelly, two hot (when i say hot i mean HOTTT with all those Ts) French men, who by the way are Rugby players (yeahp, you read this right) , and in their early twenties. Atheltic, Shirtless, Hot, Bloggers, I could not ask for more. Click here to view their blog.

This is funny, see how im losing it? Hah. Of all the things i have to blog about, its this. Well i don't mind, we need to go gaga sometimes! J'te kiff grave toi!


1 comment :

Ajie said...

We all lovez the french! ;)

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