Let's dine out with two famous fashion designers, one who never panders (Anna Sui) and fashion's solitary genius (Marc Jacobs).

"i think it means really a lot to me because i've really worked for eleven years, hopefully a lot longer, you know, to be to to kind of win over the french?!"

I love both of them, everything they create is just genious. Kudos to both for having won the CFDA International Award and the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award. Totally deserve it.



Ajie said...

Oh my God! now i hear marc jacob's voice. i always thought he has an accent or something. I love them both!

Anonymous said...

Marc Jacobs is down to earth and humble, how nice. I love Anna Sui! She rocks!


lydia said...

ah i love this video! i've watched it about a hundred times.

cody said...

i like this video!!


Lara said...

I love this video...they are both brilliant. cool blog, thanks for commenting on mine!

Anonymous said...

MJ should follow Anna's lead and do a collab with Target. I would DIE! Even if all he did was a bag collab -- which if you think of it is probably way better than a clothes collab. (drool) =)

Ashley said...

I love Marc..he seems so personable!


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