Huge Magazine featuring Ash Stymest

Huge Magazine featuring Ash Stymest
Huge Magazine featuring Ash Stymest

OMG. I died. This definitely deserves an OMG, my OMG. Satoshi Sakurai is one hell of a photographer and I love Ash Stymest still.

I died. I don't know why I still keep on saying this even if i just blogged about how bad it is to swear. Ha.guess some old habits die *burp hard. And if i get a penny every time i say "I died" i would have a gazillion bucks by now.

but seriously after watching the pictures of Ash in Huge Magazine I died i was inspired once again.

He's just so gorgeous, and i adore him to death so much! I wouldn't be surprised if this blog would be a shrine dedicated to him someday. LOL. Stalker much?! No. I just adore him. J'adore!

BTW. Huge magazine is a Japapanese fashion magazine and that sells like hotcakes on crack! They feature street fashion in this magazine, it also has a little bit of a mix in japanese-european fashion, which in my opinion, we all love.

Ash oh Ash, your skyrocketing! So happy for him

Note: if you at him closely you'd see he has grown a wee bit mature ;)

photo credits: Charmants


Mary said...


amazing photos.
i totally dig


Alanna said...

I think I just fell in love, im speechless, lost for words oh my god. so beautiful. perfect.

love your blog by the way!

ps may i link you in my blog roll?

Anonymous said...

I like the jacket!

Fashion Doohickey said...

thanks everybody!

@ Alanna: sure thing! i would love that! :D

Florent said...

I must admit I like him! To be more precise about my feeling, it's a mix of admiration, jealousy, all that at the same time really!

Love the pics anyway, glad to know about this one photographer!

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