Fur, Feathers, and a whole lot of Kate Moss for Topshop F/W 2009

Fur, Feathers, and a whole lot of Kate Moss for Topshop F/W 2009
Fur, Feathers, and a whole lot of Kate Moss for Topshop F/W 2009

Curiosity lead me to this and take a Lookie lookie on what Topshop wants us to drool over. This is regulation hotness!

It's furrocious! It's featherocious! It's Hotness! I love it! here are some more pictures to drool over, and when i say drool over I mean, drool to the highest level. Move over rocker-chicks, Ladies?

I just love how good she looks in everything she wears. I love the faux-fur coat, i love the vintage look, I love the neo-grunge, I love the knits, I absolutely love everything about it. Wait, speaking of how i love all her looks, check out these gorgeous pieces thats just waiting to be rested on our lovely closets.

These are just some of my personal favorites, I love anything that has a shining shimmering splendid feel (sequins and beads included), also the feathers, Oh my god the feathers! They are to die for! I love it.

It's funny how i say "I Love it" often, truly, i do. I think you would love this gorgeous pieces too.


photo credits: fashioning


Madame A. said...

Kate Moss is just gorgeous! I also love the Jacket, are these faux-fur or feathers? I'm a bit confused.

love your blog still.


Anonymous said...

She is a cuuute fashionista!

Mary said...

those pics are so hot.

omg. kate is a fucking queen.

love it.


Miss F said...

Are these clothes out now? I want em golds so baad.

Pedro Herrero, 15. said...

Clothing's great, photographs are superb!

198, Butterfly: Design, Fashion and Architecture:


ashley said...

It's hot and Kate's selling it. I'm a big fan of the sweaterdress.

ryder said...

she can sell ice to an eskimo.

kimvee said...

ohmygosh I want everything! :)

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