Aww.. They grow up so fast!

Aww.. They grow up so fast!
Aww.. They grow up so fast!

This is MAJOR cheesemax! I was scribbling over the web and my scribbling chronicles brought me to the fabulous site of Wenn and my jaw dropped. Someone is tying the knot this weekend and i am not invited and this is something i was not prepared for. What ever happened to "40-Single-and-loving-IT?!"

Word came out that the fabulous Marc Jacobs and hottie Lorenzo Martone is getting hitched in Provincetown, Cape Cod on the weekend. The original wedding day should have been celebrated last July in Massachusetts but i guess Marc's workload was getting in the way, well couldn't blame him for that. I have to give it to them though, they look sweet as a couple.

I wish things would be easy as "Let's get married Honey!" for me. Oh well, I better get me some love first. In the meantime i dont think 30-flirty-and-thriving would be such a bad idea after all. BTW i am not 30. just in case. *wink

Anyhooha, I feel so happy for the both of them, love exists indeed. I think its not a bad idea for them to get married, i mean after all, they have been together in like a very very long time, so i guess they both decided to set things in stone.

My only question about the whole marriage thing they are having is, who asked who?

Well? who do you think?

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true love!

Fashion Doohickey said...

exactly! ;)

Mads said...

Why didn't they invite me..=P Love MJ to bits I'm glad he's happy again..=)


Fashion Doohickey said...

yeah, im glad to know he's happy again too. too bad this wedding is a no show. boohoo. :D

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