Oh God, I missed Chanel.

Oh God, I missed Chanel.
Oh God, I missed Chanel.

Every fashionista needs a backbone, i lost mine. I feel like fainting.

I'm not that much of a movie goer since my life right now revolves on basically four things: my room, my computer, school, and a cup of coffee. I don't really get a chance to update myself with what's new on the entertainment world but this one, i've pinned this down in the middle corner of my ass brain more than a month ago but somehow, by some conspiracy of Karl Lagerfeld's bodyguard and his wig, it just slipped. I am stupid.

I mean seriously, who could ever forget a movie as important as this? Who in his right fashionable mind would forget the date this movie is going to be shared with the masses? It may not be as fanatical as twilight and their clothes but It's Chanel for crying out loud, the epitome of fashionable purrfectness.

I unconsciously allowed this happen and I am upset. *breathe in, breathe out*

I missed the premier, I've searched for it since yesterday and all i got are nasty nasty torrents for the movie. Just think of how lovely it would be to actually see the movie in theaters? I've even had all things prepared already!

popcorns are so last century beeyatch! let's not insult Madame Coco. ( I wonder what she would be thinking after seeing these fattening nonsense food though). I'm more concerned with Audrey Tautou when she was interviewed about a chanel piece she owns, and she answered "rain boots" Karl doesnt even remeber that anymore. Ha.

Anyhooha, check out the fashion in the movie, its quite interesting, at the time when petticoats and wellingtons existed, Chanel dared to be different, no wonder why its now a multimillion dollar company to date. Check these out kiddies:

They managed to show some famous Chanel poses and portraits that we all love.

and Oh, If any of you was sane enough to have watched the movie please, by all means, tell me how it went cause having not seen it on the released date depresses me, and speaking of depression i know someone who is not amused.

"It's a famine of beauty honey it's a famine of beauty"

*better search me some torrents

and ladies?

That's all.

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And and...

I fucking love her. She's so damn fantastic! I miss Paris now. :(

Fashion Doohickey said...

thank you thank you! :D

Madame A. said...

Hey little J, I've seen the movie already and it was superb! ;) Highly, Highly reccomended for all you fashionistas out there!

Anonymous said...

I was confused with the whole movie cause when i searched online there were three movies about Coco Chanel and i never knew that two more existed. Yes i have seen the movie and i think that it was very informative. the fashion! I'm sure you'd love the fashion!

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