Alexander McQueen SS 2010 Ad Campaign

Alexander McQueen SS 2010 Ad Campaign
Alexander McQueen SS 2010 Ad Campaign

"Ooooooh woooaaah.... Caught in a bad romance..."

This Alexander McQueen Ad Campaign is just amazing, I love it. They featured Raquel Zimmermann as the face of his Spring/Summer collection along with almost 30 slimy, voracious eaters and not to mention, throat clenching, chest crushing cold critters colorful and bright snakes, a snakeskin printed jumpsuit, and the infamous armadillo shoes glistening in lime. Ha. Nick Knight sure knows how to make us readers WOW.

I love everything about this campaign.

Well, what do you think?

photo credits: getty


Anonymous said...

That is so...GREEN!

Florent said...

Very dary, as usual... Very green, indeed. I'm very much into green right now, and it is so cold and dark those days that I can't help but like this brightness !

kirstyb said...

very creative x

Beth Ruby said...

Raquel is one brave lady!
I would never pose with a giant snake like that :/
Awesome photos though.
And I love your blog thanks so much for commenting on mine otherwise I would never have found yours!
I am now following your blog ;)
Follow me too?

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

I saw this on Fashionista and died. LOVE to no end.

Michaela said...

I LOVE your way of writing a blog! I just started a fashion blog (www.living-up-to-chanel.blogspot.com)
and I've looking for some examples of really great fashion blog writers. (No copying, trust me). Again, you were a GREAT example!!!!!!


Thanks Ya'all

Anonymous said...

cool blog!

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