Cole Mohr for SoPopular SS 2010

Cole Mohr for SoPopular SS 2010
Cole Mohr for SoPopular SS 2010

Pardon my ability to post on a weeks gap but i just have to scrape this ad from some famous blogger and do a repost of my own. so much for originality but hey, who doesn't anyhooha?

I was rummaging the net for fashion thinspirations and my flabby little fingers brought me to the gorgeous site of Homotography and my imaginations went wild upon seeing this lovely slab of meat.

Cole Mohr, having been so popular gracing the runways of top fashion houses, scattering the pages of ad campaigns and all that glittery jazz was, i thought, all about high fashion, cool clothes, personality-personality and all that fun sparkly stuff you see on comedy central, but i never -EVER thought that he would look this hot. Like Seriously. He makes my fingers sweat like hell. Ha.

I think he just gave SoPopular a run for their money, these pictures are gorgeous. Gregor Hohenberg took this shot and i am absolutely positive that he gave the pictures justice, its just amazing, I am lost for words. I now declare Cole Mohr as an official hottie in this blog. Ha.

Well? Isn't he just utterly gorgeous in this pic?

Tell me whatchathink.

photo credits: homotography


Madame A. said...

Yup, he's hot alright. Really HOT. ;)


Cole Mohr is to die for. he makes me feel all funny inside. LOL

Anonymous said...

looooooooove him. he is so hott!!

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