Am i too late to greet y'all Happy New Year!? Nah.

Am i too late to greet y'all Happy New Year!? Nah.
Am i too late to greet y'all Happy New Year!? Nah.

I'm practically fleshed out of excuses as to why I have been constantly shying away from the fashion blogging bandwagon. But now I'm back and i have loads of stuff for y'all.

Before I continue posting entries for this blog i would like to say a quick thank you to everyone who has checked this shrine of a blog since i started praising this on December of 2008. Also to those who has commented, liked, linked, hated, reposted, and all that jazz. I never thought i would reach 9,000 views and growing. Though this number is not much of a huge fraction of the blogging world, those little comments and appreciations keep me motivated all the time, again, Thank you.

To all followers and friends, Shoes From Around The Globe, Choo's Box, D!rty Laundry, Bite My Reality, Tino'Mino Squared, Ryan's Not So Secret Little Black Book, The Messy Life, Opestyle, Karima Illustration (I have missed out one or two, please by all means, tell me if i have ignored yah!) Thanks Y'all! Spread the good news! Let the links traffics and all that glittery jazz begin!

I wish you all a fun filled 2010! Enjoy you guys! ;)



Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays love!

Madame A. said...

Never too late for a greeting, god bless you!

Opé - Style Artist said...

Happy TwentyTen!

Celine said...

you are fucking ridiculous! i love it!

Anonymous said...

Greate pic:D

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