Spur of the moment crush: Francisco Lachowski

Spur of the moment crush: Francisco Lachowski

You guys might probably know him already as I am absolutely sure that a face like this would rarely, and I mean RARELY go unnoticed. I find him is really really cute you guys! dunno but while i was staring at his face and that rockin' bod. OMG I'm starting to drool already long enough for me to notice that my dog is chewing on my flip flops, my judgment tells me that he is a nice guy, the bad boy kind that is. You think?

Anyhooha, to those who missed the chance, NO, to those who purposely miss the chance on knowing this spur of the moment crushie (like me), here's a little intro: click here!. For the meantime take a look at this.

Isn't he the cutest or what?! Kudos to Justin Wu for this video. He looks amazing here. Okay, i better end this post now, I can't stop watching his interviews already. Gulp. Help?


Tell me whatchathink?!

photo credits: Kevin Tachman
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