I smize with my big racoon eyes, how do you smize? Ha.

I dunno if I there is something going on in the fashion scene that I am clearly not aware of, I don't know if overly racoon-ish-bandit eyes are getting big this season, I don't know if Tyra Banks wants to look like Tookie from her book Modelland I don't even want to go there! Ha, or if she wants to look like the elves of LOTR, but one thing's for sure; I do not want to skulk around in corners looking like that.

Runways and photo shoots are one thing, bringing it in the streets is another. 

You might be questioning my taste for Tyra Banks. No, I do not hate her, Yes I love her forehead I would kiss it if i can, just to show you that I am forehead kissing fan as well, Yes I am quite addicted to ANTM even if again and again, all the deserving winners were sent home early in the competition, and Yes I will take a picture with her if I see her walking across the busy streets so the sooner you throw it (my supposed hatred) away in some sorry clearance bin, the better. Nuff said.

All that for eye makeup? Ha.


You digging this look or what?

Tell me whatchathink?!

photo credits: yahoo

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