Eargasm: Girl Gone Wild by Madonna

Eargasm: Girl Gone Wild by Madonna

I suck when it comes to updates on music. I'm not as techie as you think but it doesn't mean that I do not have good taste. It's quite the contrast actually. Anyhooha. I've been hearing 'Girls Gone Wild' by Madonna, and I have been dancing to the tune of the song but I didn't know squat about who sang the orgasmic shizzload out of this song. Until now.

How could I effin' forget? Madonna should have been the first person to enter my mind but no, i was too busy dancing to the tune of this song that I totally forgot about researching and backing up the songs that make me tick like crazy. Sorry Queen M. 

You listened to this song already? I know you have, it's been 2 months since this last came out. If not, please, by all means, push play and allow Madonna to fill your ears with orgasmic music. If you have listened to this music, tell me what you think about it? Doesn't it regulate hotness or what? Doesn't Brad Alphonso, Jon Kortajarena, Rob Evans, Sean O'Pry, and Simon Nessman make you salivate like a dog on hunger strike? I have to meet Madonna before I die.

Well doesn't Mert & Marcus deserve a high-five?

Your thoughts?


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