Zayn Malik dancing to the beat of Usher's song 'That's What It's Made For'

Zayn Malik dancing to the beat of Usher's song 'That's what it's made for'

This just in! I saw this online and I think that my vaj just flipped and did a cartwheel! Ha. I am not a 1D (One Direction) or a One Directioner  fan but I just can't help but join  in the bandwagon of devotees to the whole shrine of One Direction, specifically this kid. 

Why oh why are more young kids looking hotter these days. Does this finally mean that I should be accepting the fact that I am nearing adulthood? Ha. Nuff said. I don't want to talk about how old I am and my taste in men.

Moving on.

I found this video on youtube and it is spreading like bush fire on crack! Lo and behold. Zayn Malik of One Direction dancing to the beat of Usher's song 'That's What It's Made For'. 

I don't know about you guys but I find Zayn incredibly, incredibly (and I mean it), cute. Don't you? This 19 year old hottie sure knows how to make us drool. I have been reading some comments on the comment section of this video and I have never seen the word 'F*&K' used in so many ways. It's crazy. Ha.

I know what your thinking. The answer is 'NO'. I still prefer fashionable trance-ish music and to this day I also have my own set of videos dancing to the beat of Dragonette's 'The Boys' that only I can view (I don't know why I keep on punishing myself). There.

But still, I want to hear from you.

How does seeing this video make you feel?


Tell me whatchathink?!


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