Ash Stymest Why Did You Let Yourself Go?

Ash Stymest Why Did You Let Yourself Go?

Model or Dad Gene? You decide.

I dunno what happened but Ash Stymest gained a lot of weight over the last few months. Does carrying for your baby really make you gain that much weight? Or is this the inevitable sign of unemployment? Is he taking a breaky break or is he retiring for good like he said he said he would.

He either needs to gain weight and buff up or lose weight like he used to weigh before. Oh Ash, what has the world become to? I'd still marry you in a heartbeat though. Ha.

Ash Stymest is currently represented by Soul Artist Management. 


Do you think Ash's sudden weight gain will affect his career? Do you still love him like a love song? scratch that.

Tell me whatchathink?!

photo credits: dailymalemodels


Gerri Ward said...

Long time no see! I missed you but now I'm back and WOW your blog is amazing! I love it and speaking about love I gotta say I still LOVE ASH like a love song:)

sarah rivas said...

I agree with you, if he's going to gain weight, then he should atleast work out so he can still go on with his career. Or he can lose the wieght the way he was before, either way i'm going to still LOVE him!!

Nicki said...

Who gives a fuck? if anything he's finally (or almost) at a healthy weight. He's still gorgeous.

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